Nominated in Singapore Short Film Awards 2013

Drunken Moon will be screening again in this year’s SSFA 2013!
We’ve just been nominated for “Best Animation” and we’re all very excited!






Here are the details:
Singapore Short Film Awards 2013
The Substation Theatre

Screening Schedule
Thursday 28 February 2013
SESSION 1: 7PM – 8.15PM

SSFA 2013 Screening Lineup for 28th Feb

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Drunken Moon’s Rigs


Take a look at the rigs we built in the film. Yes… it is not 2D, all the characters u saw in the film are 3D. Fooled you didn’t we?

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A show talking about Digicon6

A little snippet of us at Digicon6 from 14:00 onwards.

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At Digicon6

We had a wonderful time in Tokyo! Meeting the director of Usavich and Transformers Prime. Unfortunately we didn’t any additional awards , but the experience itself was already very precious.

I was particularly impressed by the delegates from the other Asian countries. It seems everyone has a very different industry, performing different functions. From the Philippines , the film was partially commercial, in collaboration with an insurance company. From Malaysia, the winner is Origanimals an original IP developed in Giggle Garage. I was particularly striked by the fun atmosphere the malaysians have within themselves. MDec, (malaysia’s equlivant of MDA) brought in almost everyone in the Malaysia’s top 5 just to give them further exposure. Furthermore, I realized the Malaysians have been helping really small companies come up with very good work including this company called Glue Studios (you should check it out). Good for you Malaysia!

As for China, Taiwan and Singapore, I think we are largely the same. We did not commercialize and all our works are mostly student works or Indie . Korea is ,as usual, genius in the making, just 2 years and then, an awesome masterpiece. I really don’t know how they do it, but despite the hectic working schedule they have, the Korean winner still had time to do an epic piece called “Burp” to clinched Silver.

As for the Japanese, I don’t know how to describe , but it seems , despite being really professional, they still have fun in their blood when it comes to animation. They don’t show it when you communicate with them (however brief my contact with them)  but their fun is like, Outrageous! I think they have a very high tolerance to how outrageous your animation can get. Just look at Kanaban Graphics. Besides Usavich, their own service work is insanely funny and creative till the point you go on and think …. “WTF?!?!?!?!?! “

Anyway the Gold and Bronze awards were from Japan. I particularly love the Bronze award. Totally creative and fun this piece called “Kuroko” I don’t even know how to start explaining this piece. Imagine all the machines that use electricity are operated by men in white bunny suits. That’s probably the only way I can explain it.

The winning piece is done by students only 21 years of age, describing a police and thief chase scene but the twist is that it is seen from the point of a 9-monitor CCTV control panel , i think that’s how to call it. Its called “Display – tag” . And the characters seemingly run around the space within the screens as if they are cells on a comic book.

We talked to alot of creators, sharing their views and struggles. I think this trip really inspired me a lot. I hope with these knowledge, I can one day start companies just like them, with unique IPs that are fun, creative and well remembered.

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Drunken Moon wins Digicon6 , Singapore

Hi to all the people who love Drunken Moon. Yes we have done it again! We won the 14th Annual Digicon6 jointly organized by TBS Japan and Nanyang Polytechnic.

We will be representing Singapore in Tokyo Japan to contest for the award for Best Animation this November 16th. Contesting with us are the best from China, Korea, Japan, Philippines , Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Hong Kong! This is the toughest journey for us yet. But we have faith. Hopefully in due time, our faith will pay off.  Below is the video of us getting our first prize from this project.

In second place is Dream Defenders from Tiny Island Productions. Who is also trying hard to push local content to overseas markets. And in the student category, our junior team from Spycats got 2nd place! And they will be sponsored by Starhub to go with us to Japan too!!! what joy! We all hope local content, whatever the genre can get their word out, win competitions and in the mess of it all, try to find our own unique selling point, so that there can be many many more unique short films from Singapore.

See you in Tokyo!!!

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Drunken Moon nominated in TOFUZI Georgia!!

Drunken Moon is nominated again! This time in Georgia!!! This time we are in for “Best Debut” We are so very excited haha this is awesome!


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Drunken Moon nominated for Best Humor in AnimazSpot 2012!!!

Yes !!! A new nomination!! yay! Drunken Moon is going to have its first American premiere! Its is going to appear in 13th September in Burbank California. Man! This is a real milestone for us, we didn’t expect it to go this far. But well… I hope this winning streak keeps on going. You can check out the entries on the AnimazSpot website here :

Follow your Facebook page here!

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Drunken Moon is Shortlisted in 9th Singapore Short Cuts!


Drunken Moon is Shortlisted in 9th Singapore Short Cuts! Come and support us if you can. Free tickets are available in national museum but limited to 4 tickets per person =) See you there

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Drunken Moon

Hey Everyone! I have good news. Drunken moon is officially finished! Our sound post have been kindly helped by StudioMB, which we sincerely thank , without which we would not have been able to finalize this film.  StudioMB is involved with a lot of local productions and we are extremely happy with the final product

Our minions have secretly been sending to Drunken Moon festivals and we have been accepted into the 9th Singapore Short Cuts this year! Horray!

Here is a treat for those you guys, a pic of the surreal world :


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Animation and Rendering is finished

In case anyone is still following this looong overdue blog, Good news! We’ve finished with animation and rendering. Now we’re compositing the film and putting in the sound.

Still no to-be-released dates yet, all will have to depend on raymond though. He’s busy with his business so keep your fingers crossed and we’ll wait and see. Cheers!

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